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Initiation Ceremony Ritual

The original ceremony was written in 1970 by Dr. Robert Litro Chief Executive Officer

  • Revised in 1996 by Professor Pat Edwards, Martin Community College

Chapter advisers, please log in to the site to view the initiation ceremony ritual. It is under the Resources section of the “Process New Initiates” menu.

All members of Alpha Beta Gamma, including Honorary Members are initiated into our society utilizing this initiation ritual. Chapters may not alter this ritual without permission of the Executive Committee.

Most chapters have a formal ceremony for this initiation, which includes either a formal lunch or dinner as part of the ceremony.

The ritual requires the assistance of the Chapter Adviser and Chapter President. Other officers of the chapter and college faculty and administrators may participate in the ceremony. Usually the college president is present and participates in some manner.

The room should contain some flowers and red, white and gold candles which are mentioned or used in the ceremony.

The official certificates are usually distributed after the student is initiated. A citation of achievement is usually read for each honorary member.


  • ABG Chapter Banner
  • Red, Gold and White Candles
  • Flowers
  • Printouts of Initiate Responses
  • Initiate certificates, honorary certificates for Honorary Members