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Lindsay Partridge, Sigma

Hello Alpha Beta Gamma members! My name is Lindsay Partridge and I was recently elected as your 2014-2015 National President. I am incredibly honored to have the opportunity to serve all of you this upcoming year. I am originally from Florida and currently attend Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Georgia. When I was inducted into Alpha Beta Gamma, the chapter at my college, Sigma, was completely inactive. Wanting to get involved and change that, I was appointed as President and this past year Sigma once again flourished on campus and in the community. I hope to bring the knowledge I gained from that experience to my position this year. I look forward to putting all I have into Alpha Beta Gamma, and alongside this year's officer team, I hope to make this organization even greater than it is now.

Vice President:

Drayvon Carmichael, Delta

Hello, my name is Drayvon Carmichael and I am a member of the Delta chapter and your National Vice President.! I am a non - traditional student from NYC. I am studying Business Administration and look forward to starting a consulting and leadership training firm. I love ABG and look forward to connecting with the different chapters. As business students, we naturally love to network! I also look forward to making the Service Project awesome, as it is our way of saying we are more than just business students. The service project also shows our gamman unity and I am honored to serve as your National Vice president.

Student Executive Committee:

Colleen Leu, Sigma

Hey y'all! My name is Colleen Leu from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, GA and I am one of the members of the executive committee, specifically marketing. I am currently working on my associates in business administration, which I should finish come Fall. I then plan to transfer to master in accounting. Right now, I am an active member in the Sigma chapter at ABAC, along with others of my fellow officers. I love to be involved in the national service projects and to see what everyone can accomplish together. I am excited to see what the future has to offer for Alpha Beta Gamma in the future.

Melody Harper, Sigma

Hey y'all!! My name is Melody Harper! From a small town Agricultural School in Georgia I am a proud member the Sigma Chapter! I have served as Sigma Secretary for the past year and have enjoyed working with everyone in my ABG chapter. As a member, I have been involved in Habitat for Humanity, been on the planning committee for a Christmas Bon fire and represented ABG on a number of other occasions. I have enjoyed my time as a member this far and am honored to serve on national board. I am looking forward to the following year!

Almin (Ronnie) Thakkar, Beta Rho

Hello fellow Alpha Beta Gammans, my name is Almin "Ronnie" Thakkar, I was born in Surat city in Gujarat state, India on 11/28/1989, which happens to be Thanksgiving day that year. I am currently a member of Beta Rho Chapter of Lamar State College- Port Arthur. I am the immediate past president og th Stuent Government Association. I moved to United States approximately six years ago. This country has given me the opportunity to grow, to learn and to achieve everything I want to accomplish in my life, and for that reason I decided to run for the Executive office. I wanted to serve this country as a National Executive officer and assist my fellow students to achieve their goals in life. Itís an honor to serve on Executive Committee for year 2014-2015. I am a very outgoing person, and will be working to make our honor society more active by recruiting additional members thereby making our chapters more beneficial to our community and to our fellow students.

Descriptions of the responsbilities of the Alpha Beta Gamma National officers are listed here: www.abg.org/officer_resp.asp

Kathy Moreno, Student Officer Liason

I am a Professor of Accounting at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, Ga, a small South Georgia town. I love ABG and all its student and faculty members so much that I wear many hats for our organization. Not only am I the liaison between the National Student officers and the National Office, I also serve on the Faculty Executive Committee and the Scholarship Committee. Your National Student officers are a committed group of individuals willing to work to make ABG a progressive, communicative and responsive organization. It is an honor and a privilege to advise such an ambitious group!

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