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Each year the national office of Alpha Beta Gamma sponsors a National Leadership Meeting. Chapter Advisers and chapter student leaders join to share ideas, develop leadership skills and plan chapter and national activities. Symposia, lectures as well as cultural experiences enhance the goals of the society. The executive committee, the scholarship committee and the faculty meet at this event. Student elections take place at this meeting. Local chapters help to coordinate the event.


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Fundraising Ideas

Managing chapter funds provides officers with practical financial experience. Here are fundraising ideas collected from chapters over the years. Select those ideas which will work best on your campus. Solicit help from your college's fund-raisers. Get local business people involved either with advice or with donated prizes. Check your college's rules and regulations concerning fundraising. Raising funds for chapter or national scholarship funds, for attendance at the Annual Leadership Meeting, or for a local charity are examples of how funds can be used.

Student Government Funds: Since Alpha Beta Gamma is a student organization, most colleges offer some support from student government funds. When chapters are active on campus by offering lectures, symposia, field trips, it is usually easier to petition student government for assistance. One chapter co-sponsors a POWER BREAKFAST in conjunction with the Student Government. Student Government provides a continental breakfast.

Beef Raffle: The Beta Chapter at Lincoln Land Community College has an annual Beef Raffle. They raise more than $3,000.00 each year. The chapter uses these funds to send representatives to the Annual Meeting, to sponsor chapter scholarships and to make an annual donation to United Cerebral Palsy.

College Trustees: College trustees can be very helpful in finding financial resources for your chapter. Trustees can be initiated as Honorary Members of Alpha Beta Gamma in appreciation of their assistance.

Refreshments: Many functions take place on a college campus, festivals, carnivals, school fairs, lectures, sports functions. Get your college's permission to sell soft drinks and edible goodies.

Sponsor A Business Trip: Initiate and organize a trip to a local business, factory, bank, etc. Add a surcharge which goes into the chapter funds. Take reservations. While you are at the business firm, ask for assistance with chapter activities. Often, the business firm will provide luncheon for the visitors.

Sell Bumper Stickers: You've seen the bumper sticker, Virginia is for Lovers...Well, how about "Virginia is for Scholars". Or use your college name. Or use Alpha Beta Gamma . Most local printers can supply these quite inexpensively.

Form A Parent's Fundraising Committee: Parents like to get involved and help. Explore needs of the chapter and ask for parents to have fund-raisers for your chapter.

College Foundations Can Help: If your college has a foundation which generates revenues for college programs, your chapter might be one of them. Business people like to help business students. Talk to the President of your Foundation.

Bartering Student Services: Students could volunteer their services to local stores with payment going to your chapter. And it could be a tax deduction for the business firms.

Alumni Can Help: One chapter send 800 letters out to alumni lists. Over $1,000 was raised with just one letter. But better still, get Alumni involved with your chapter. Form an Alumni Chapter. (See Constitution)

Neighboring Four Year Transfer Colleges Can Help: Schools which accept many of your college's transfer students are often very pleased to contribute to chapter functions or sponsor chapter events.

Initiation Banquet Journal: If your chapter has an annual Initiation Banquet, sell Journal Ads. In addition to businesses, companies which provide the college with services, parents are happy to place ads congratulating their children. Booster Ads can raise even more funds.

Cake Sales: Cake sales, cookie sales, are quick and easy ways to raise funds.If there is a food management program at your campus, work with them. Ask local bakeries to donate goodies.

Fraternal Organizations Will Donate: Fraternal organizations such as Lions, Kiwanis, Veterans Groups, usually have educational funds for students and chapters.

Chamber Of Commerce Assistance: The local chamber can find dozens of business firms to help your chapter. They can co-sponsor events such as "Starting Your Own Small Business" for which a small fee can be charged.

Sponsor a Lecture: Find a great speaker, charge an admission fee explaining that the proceeds help business honor students. Sometimes you can co-sponsor this with another club on campus such as Phi Theta Kappa.

Publish an ABG Spiral Cookbook: Chapters have in the past used Cookbooks very successfully. Local companies exist in every community, but there are also national companies. This company was advertised in Gourmet Magazine. 1 800 445 6621 - Cookbooks by Morris Press, Box 2110 Kearney NE 68848.

Raffle Football and Other Sports Tickets: Tickets can be donated by local stadiums or teams or by businesses. Raffle them off for chapter funds. Be sure you check college regulations in this area.

Coin Toss: Students holding large bed sheets at entrances to college campuses (with permission of college security people) can have signs telling about the Coin Toss. As students slow down (security people help with this) drivers toss coins into the sheets. Be sure to get college permission for this event.

Have Newspaper Stand: Chapters in the past set up newsstands from 7:30 to 9:30 on campus selling newspapers to faculty, staff, students and visitors. Be sure you have a long time commitment from volunteers to run this event.

Flowers: Sell roses on Valentine's Day, Mums around Thanksgiving, Poinsettias around Christmas. Flower sales can generate huge profits for your chapter. Work with a local flower wholesaler.

Sponsor Talent Show: Put posters up all around the college. Give prize to best talent. Charge moderate admissions price. Get the theater club to co-sponsor this and share revenues.

Car Washes: Car washes raise lots of money fast! Get college permission to use a local car wash facility. Sometimes a local car wash in town will donate their shop for a day--Get lots of signs if that happens.

Book Sales: Ask faculty members to donate books they are not using and have a Book Sale. Libraries often donate excess books.

Casino Night: Some states permit this type of fundraising. Ask a local church group to help find resources for this.

Auctions: Solicit donations from local businesses, members and faculty. Auction these items either as a silent auction or a regular auction. This is a no cost fundraiser!

Baskets: have members each donate an item (most of us have some new items we would like to "re-gift" around the house). "Theme" these items and place them in a beautifully decorated basket or box and raffle off. This is a no cost fundraiser!

50/50 Raffle: Check with your college regulations first.50/50 raffles split the "pot" with the winner. This is a no cost fundraiser.

Celebrity Autographs: Write letters to movie stars, TV personalities, politicians, etc asking for an autographed photo to auction for a good cause (Diabetes Foundation, etc). Once you have collected these photos you can have a silent auction and watch the dollars roll in.

Treasure Chest: Gamma Gamma chapter purchased a pirates chest and lock. You can order as many opening/non opening keys as you wish. Local Businesses donated gift certificates and give away items. Each prize was recorded on an index card and placed in a plain envelope which was then put in the chest. Keys were sold for $1.00 each. Winning key holders were able to draw an envelope which designated the prize that they won. Collect all keys (winners and losers) and you can use this over again with no cost after the initial investment.

SHARE YOUR IDEAS: Chapters draw strength from each other. Why not share your successful fundraising ideas with all the other chapters across the nation. -- Legal and Privacy -- Adviser Login