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Initiating new members

Meet the CEO

  • A dedicated chapter adviser
  • Approval of the College President with agreement to use the society's academic regalia at college ceremonies. Students wear honor stoles. Chapter Advisers use stoles. Medallions are available.
  • A commitment for a long term relationship and assistance over time, in identifying chapter advisers.
  • A one-time chapter application fee of $500.00.
  • Ability of the college to award Associate Degrees, Diplomas, or Certificates in business studies.
  • Accreditation.

Chapter Advisers

  • Chapter advisers are an integral part of the chapter life and are a tremendous resource for the chapter officers and members. Chapter advisers serve as the communication link between the national office and the local chapter.

Responsibilities of Chapters

  • The key responsibility of an Alpha Beta Gamma chapter is to promote Academic excellence. This may be accomplished by:
  • Recognition of students through a special initiation ceremony and the presentation of a membership diploma.
  • Sponsorship of lectures, seminars, symposia and colloquia to enhance the learning of business topics.
  • Operating within the constitution and bylaws of the National Organization.
  • Recognition of outstanding faculty and community leaders through honorary memberships.

Requirements for Membership in the Society

  • To be eligible for membership in ABG, a student must be enrolled in a business curriculum in a junior, community, or technical college, or a two-year accredited program within a college or university.
  • The student must have completed 15 credit hours with at least 12 hours of his/her work taken in courses leading to a degree recognized by his/her institution. In addition, the student must have demonstrated academic excellence by attaining a 3.0 GPA or its equivalent in business courses as well as a 3.0 overall average.

Types of Chapter Formation

Alpha Beta Gamma offers three types of affiliation: Honorific, Honorific/Academic, and Honorific/Academic/Social.


  • This organization exists solely to recognize academic excellence. Students who meet the criteria of ABGTM are honored, usually at graduation time, or in a separate ceremony or dinner.


  • In addition to recognizing academic excellence, the chapter sponsors academic functions on campus. These include lectures, symposia, and colloquia. The chapter usually works closely with an academic department chair or dean for academic direction.


  • This organization functions in all three areas of our society's interests. It recognizes outstanding students, works with faculty to enhance the academic environment of the college, and also sponsors social events for its members, its college or its community. -- Legal and Privacy -- Member Login